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MN Stars

2013-2014 Tryout Information

For more information on the Stars program please contact the program coordinator Sue Bromen.

Sue Bromen

Stars Teams Coordinator

The Registration "2014 MN Stars Fastpitch Registration" is not currently available.
This Registration closed on 09/06/2013, 12:00am CDT (CDT).

97 MN Stars Homepage

Coach: Dana Anderson-Glass

Dana Anderson-Glass 97 Stars Coach


98 MN Stars

Coach: Courtney Dully

Tryouts have been completed.

Courtney Dully 98 Stars Coach


99 MN Stars

Coach: Todd Sogge

Todd Sogge 99 Stars Coach


00 MN Stars

Coach: Megan Larsen

Megan Larsen 00 Stars Coach


96 / 18U MN Stars

Coach: Chelsi Marks

Chelsi Marks 96/18U Stars Coach