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  • 31st Annual Down 'N Dirty June 17, 18, and 19 at Lex-Diff & Northview Athletic Fields

The Registration "31st Annual Down 'N Dirty Tournament" is not currently available.

Registration Update

Thank you to all participants in our 2022 tournament.

Registration for 2023 will open in January.

2022 Dates - JUNE 17, 18, and 19

NAFA and ASA/USA Northern National Qualifier 

Level of play:  A, B

Team Entry Fee: 

  • $400     10U-18U 
  • $200     8U  (Sunday only)  

NOTE:  Some 14U & 16U teams will play Friday night. All others begin play on Saturday. 8U plays Sunday only.

Games are played at two Eagan sites:

  • Lexington-Diffley Athletic Park
  • Northview Park & Eagan JV Field

Number of Umpires per game:

  • One Umpire for 10U, 12U and 14U except for the Championship game.
  • Two umpires for Championship games and all 16U and 18U games.
  • Volunteer umpires for 8U except championship game where a paid umpire will be present.

Time limit per game:

  • 70 minutes
  • Championship games will be seven innings, no time limit, except 10U/12U, which will be seven innings or 70 minutes

Four Game Guarantee: 

  • 3 pool play games - Friday/Saturday 
  • Bracket play begins Saturday pm 
  • Single Elimination 
  • 8U - 3 game tournament on Sunday with a straight 6 team pool and medal round

Nationals Berth:  First and second place in Gold and Silver brackets earn an unpaid Nationals berth.

Admission:  NO admission fee for this tournament.

Parking:  There is no charge for parking.  Please be respectful and park between the painted lines.  

Do not park on sidewalks or any grassy areas. The City of Eagan will ticket and tow violators.


  • Updated pools and brackets in live scoring online 
  • Fields fenced at 200 feet
  • Restrooms with running water at both sites
  • Concessions with some of the best food and snacks of the tournament season 
  • Playground for siblings is available at Northview Park 
  • Covered dugouts 
  • Souvenir t-shirts sales for $25 each.
  • EMT's on site daily
2022 DND Logo

Tournament Contact:

Mike Mondelli

Tournament Coordinator (2023)

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Eagan Resources

If you are looking for Assistance with a hotel or dining in Eagan, please contact Denise Olsen at the Eagan Convention & Visitors Bureau at (651) 675-5547.

2022 Tournament Schedules will be posted in June

Please check the schedules for updates before your first game.
Brackets will be added once Pool Play is complete.

NOTE:  Some 14U & 16U teams will play Friday night. All others begin play on Saturday. 8U plays Sunday only.

Team Check-In:  All teams MUST turn in a signed copy of their official approved roster at least one hour prior to their first game.  Rosters should be printed from the website. Teams will not be able to play unless an official printed roster form is turned in.

It is YOUR responsibility to check for schedule changes. 

Youth 1st Team Award Program

2021 Down 'N Dirty Tournament

Thank you to all the Teams for participating in the Down ‘N Dirty Tournament.  Eagan Fastpitch Softball will once again host the Youth 1st Team Awards Program in the 2021 Down ‘N Dirty tournament. It is a simple, yet significant program that will enhance the experience for players, coaches, umpires, and fans by placing an emphasis on good sportsmanship and positive conduct.

The Umpires will be handing each coach a Conduct 1st Pocket Reminder as part of the pregame coach’s meetings. This is a reminder that the tournament is a Conduct 1st Environment. The card emphasizes three main points:

   REMEMBER…. It’s about the kids.
   I WILL …. Keep my competitive energy in check.
   I WILL ALWAYS …. Treat officials and opponents with respect.

We are asking all coaches to please partner with your umpires to ensure that this emphasis is maintained throughout the game by yourself, assistant coaches, your players and your fans.  We also recommend sharing the card with your fans as the game starts.

At the conclusion of each game, the umpire will vote for each team that exhibits the conduct, behavior and attitudes as defined by the three points of emphasis.  Remind your parents the team vote includes PLAYERS, COACHES AND FANS.  After the tournament, teams that receive positive votes of 80% (or more), compared to the number of games played, will be contacted.
 These teams will be recognized in their community with a Youth 1st Team Award, including MN Twins tickets and pre-game recognition at Target Field!

Thank you for assisting us in this process.  We believe the Youth 1st Team Awards Program is a positive influence during the tournament, making the experience even better for you, the fans, officials and especially the kids.  

Click on the links to the right for more information  

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