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End of Season Tournament Overview


Tri-County Qualifier Tournament:  Eagan Fastpitch teams are part of the Tri-County Fastpitch League.  As part of our league registration fee, our teams are automatically included in the Tri-County Qualifier tournament. 

  • For 10U-12U:  June 28-30, 2019  (10U @ WBL, MVSA, Lex)  (12U @ NSP)
  • For 14U-18U:  July 12-14, 2019

Tri-County League determines seeding for this tournament via email with all league coaches in mid June.  The results of this tournament are used for seeding for the MMFL State Tournament.  Participation in the Qualifier Tournament is expected as part of participation on a travel fastpitch team.



MMFL State Tournament:  The Tri-County League is part of the Minnesota Metro Fastpitch League (MMFL).  MMFL holds the MMFL State Tournaments the weekends following the respective age-group Qualifier Tournaments, skipping weekends around July 4. 

  • For  8U:            July 13-14, 2019
  • For 10U-12U:  July 13-14, 2019
  • For 14U-18U:  July 20-21, 2019

Registration fees for this tournament are included in our Tri County League fee, while Gate Fees are not (typically $100 per team).  2019 - State Gate fees will be paid by Eagan Fastpitch this season for qualified teams.  Playing in the MMFL State Tournament is not guaranteed, but recent experience shows that 90% of Tri County League teams do qualify.  These tournaments include teams from the Suburban League, the Tri County League (eastern metro) and even out-state Minnesota. Participation in the State Tournament, if the team qualifies, is expected as part of participation on an Eagan Travel Fastpitch team. 


NAFA National Tournament:  The North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) holds a National Tournament in the metro area in July.  

  • For 12U:      July 18-21, 2019  
  • All Others:  July 25-28, 2019   

This tournament is typically Thursday through Sunday.  Teams earn berths for this tournament by high finishes at in-season tournaments.  These are NOT PAID berths; they are just an invitation to play.     

Neither the Nationals Registration Fee ($550 per team), nor the Gate Fee ($200 per team) for this tournament are included in the Eagan Fastpitch registration fee.  These additional fees must be paid for by player families.  There are also additional costs for both the 'required gift exchange' and pin-trading involved. Participation in a National Tournament is completely optional and voluntary.  
2019 - Any Eagan Community Travel Team that EARNS a National berth will have their National Registration Fee paid for by Eagan Fastpitch.  The Gate Fee will be paid by the teams families as well as their trading pins and gift exchange items.  

Other National Tournaments: There are other national tournaments in Minnesota and out of state hosted by ASA, USSSA and NAFA.


Nationals Team Formation within Eagan Fastpitch

The Eagan Fastpitch Board, as delegated by EAA, is responsible for all decision-making regarding all Nationals berths earned and teams formed as a result of play in EFP.  These decisions include number of berths to be used, number of teams to be formed, which tournaments to attend, coaches of those teams, and team formation, among others.  These decisions are made in concert with coaches and will include input from parents to some degree.  But, all decisions will be made by the Fastpitch Board.

Eagan Fastpitch generally does NOT seek to build all-star Nationals teams with an intention of selecting the best of the best players to strive to win the tournament outright. 

Eagan Fastpitch generally does NOT seek to provide Nationals tournament opportunities for each and every player.  Berths in Nationals tournaments are earned through high finishes in competitive tournaments.

A single team is not able to earn more than one berth for a specific National tournament.  In other words, there are not berths that can be transferred to other teams.  A team COULD earn a berth to more than one National tournament though.  For example: NAFA and USSSA.

That said; there are general guidelines that the Fastpitch Board has used in the past for this process:

1.       ‚ÄčA Spring/Summer team earning a Nationals berth in that season that wishes to play as an intact team at Nationals will generally be accommodated.

2.       Coaches of Nationals teams are able to augment their Nationals team with players not otherwise on a Nationals team.  Generally, we would look internally within Eagan Fastpitch or EAA for additional players.  Occasionally, players from outside EFP will be added, usually players with specific skills, such as pitching or catching.

3.       ALL team augmentation will be approved by the Fastpitch Board.  Any offers extended by coaches to players/parents shall be communicated as "tentative" and "subject to approval by the Fastpitch Board".


Nationals Expectations  (please see the *note above under NAFA)

Families should prepare to pay their share of the $550 registration fee, plus $200 team gate fee, plus gift bags and pins for pin trading.  Players/families will need to commit to the team practices during the two week period leading up to the tournament and the tournament itself.  If the tournament is out of town, travel expenses may be incurred.  Playing time in these tournaments is typically not even, especially in bracket play, where winning is the objective in order to continue playing.  


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