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How much does traveling fastpitch cost? 

A.) Fees are determined annually for each age level and are required to be paid at registration. Visit our Fees Summary page for a cost break down for each program.

B.) Fees cover the costs of participation which include items such as: league fees, tournament entry fees, tryouts, umpires, uniforms, team equipment and field maintenance. Fees will not be used to cover/subsidize travel expenses incurred by teams during regular or post season play.  Player equipment is a family expense.  Additional fees will be incurred for teams attending National tournaments. 

Visit our Fees Summary page for a full list of prices for all EFP programs 

EFP Registration fees are subsidized by the revenues earned at our two tournaments each season. Without hosting these two (2) tournaments, our registration fees would increase greatly.  


Who can play on an Eagan team? 
Players who live in Eagan and/or attend a school located within the city limits of Eagan. This is the "Draw Area" for Eagan Fastpitch and applies to 8U, 10U and 12U teams travel (community) teams.  Draw areas also apply to 14U, 16U and 18U except for those players accepted onto a club level team.  If you have an eligiblity question, please reach out before you register. Rosters are audited and approved by the league prior to each season. 


What are the age levels?
Teams will be established at 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U

The age classifications are:
  8 & Under: Players are 8 or younger as of January 1st of current year.

10 & Under: Players are 10 or younger as of January 1st of current year.

12 & Under: Players are 12 or younger as of January 1st of current year.

14 & Under: Players are 14 or younger as of January 1st of current year.

Note:  Fall age brackets are determined by the player's age as of January 1st of next year.


How many hours a week does a traveling team play/practice?
Traveling teams play 3-4 times per week, depending on the week, the team and the scheduled practices.  The practice and game schedule can average 6-15 hours per week depending on scheduled tournaments, double header games and practices. You can expect the teams to be together an average of 3 days per week on non-tournament weekends and an average of 4 days per week on a tournament weekend.  


What does a typical week look like?

A typical week example: 
     Games - Tues/Thurs, Tournament - Sat/Sun.

A typical non-tourney week example:  
     Games - Tues/Thurs, practice on either Sat/Sun.

Practices are scheduled for each team individually. 
Days of practice may change as needed by coaches, player schedules, etc. 


What do you expect from players?
Players should give 100% at all times, practice at home, have a positive attitude and be a good teammate!  Players need to respect the umpires and hustle on and off the field. There is no walking in softball.

All players will help pack and carry team equipment and team bags.  Always pay attention on the bench and do not leave the dugout. Players should have their full attention on the field, for safety and for learning.  Be prepared for every practice, every game… this is the player's responsibility, not your parents!


What are the requirements for Traveling Fastpitch?

CommitmentBecause of the limited number of participants allowed and the evaluation process establishing that number, it is required that every participant and their parents or guardians commit to the practices, games, and tournaments that their team will participate in over the course of the season. 

Volunteer HoursIt is required that every players family volunteer at DND and/or NAFA tournaments by helping with concessions, grills or any other area needed. This requirement is about 9 hours at either tournament (2 Dib shifts per player). 

UniformsOnly approved Eagan Fastpitch uniforms can be worn during official games. Approved uniforms must clearly identify Eagan or the Minnesota Stars.  All players must be in FULL uniform at all times, at all locations.


Who are the coaches and how are they selected?

A "Coach Selection Committee" will interview all Head Coach candidates.  Coaches are selected based on experience, knowledge of the game, past involvement and positive attitude. Care will be taken to ensure that there is no conflict of interest during the coach's selection for a particular age group.  

Head Coaches selects their own two Assistant Coaches and a Team Manager.


How are teams formed? 
An effort is made to place every registrant on a team.

There will be no more than 13 players placed on a team unless approved prior to team selection. Gold/1st & Silver/2nd Teams require at least 11 players per team unless there is a shortage of players. 

Participants will be placed on a team according to their ability. Player tryouts are held in the spring each year. 


When are tryouts?
Tryouts occur near the end of February and early March.  Tryout information can be found on our website.


When are we notified about team placement?
Following tryouts, it takes about 2 weeks to form teams and provide rosters to coaches. Players should expect to hear from their new coaches following tryouts once the process has been completed. 


When does the season start?
Following tryouts and team formation, practices start early to mid-April. Games begin the first week of May for 8U, 10U and 12U age levels.  14U+ start 2-3 weeks later. The season runs until mid-July and for those teams going to National tournaments, the end of July.




What is provided for uniforms?

8U:  Jerseys and socks are provided

10U-12U:  Uniforms include a jersey, pants, socks and belt.
** Girls must be in complete uniform anytime they are on the field and at all tournaments, at all times. Royal Blue is the mandatory color for helmets starting Spring 2016. Players must purchase their own helmet and molded cleats. Metal cleats are not allowed until 14U.

Uniform fittings are done prior to the season at times to be announced each season. Parents may order extra pants and socks at this time. Payment is due at the fitting for all extra uniform items ordered. 

*** NO earrings are allowed.  If worn to a game, they will be have to be removed.  Umpires have the ability to disallow a girl from playing who is wearing earrings. Band-aids covering ear lobes are not allowed. This is a safety issue and a violation of uniform policy.  NO watches, bracelets, fitbits, etc... leave them at home.  


Can we purchase additional apparel/ Spirit Wear? 
Yes, this is highly encouraged! 

We offer an online Spirit-Wear store where parents can purchase items such as sweatshirts, warm-up jackets/pants, shirts, hats, etc.  The online store information will be sent to all registered players and is available in Spring and sometimes in the Fall for Christmas purchases! You can also find Eagan apparel at various locations throughout Eagan.




What equipment do we have to purchase?

All players are required to purchase their own Royal blue batting helmet with approved face guard. It is also highly recommended to purchase a defense face mask. Most coaches require face masks to be worn on the infield.  All players must have their own gloves and cleats (molded).  If you wish to purchase a bat for your player, please talk with your coach first to get the right size and weight.


Do we have to purchase anything else?

Required Equipment – Royal blue batting helmet with a face mask, cleats and a glove. 

Additional Equipment – defense mask, batting gloves, sliding shorts, sunglasses, equipment bag, large water bottles (thermos). 




When do we practice?
Practice schedules vary among the teams and age levels. Coaches will provide practice and game schedules to their own teams.  Practices are held 2-3 days per week.  Usually 2 nights per week and either Saturday or Sunday but this depends on the team game schedule and the coaches schedule.


Do we practice before games?
Pre-game practice/warm up is always held 1-hour prior to all games.  


What time should we arrive for practices? 
Early is on time. 
All player
s should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time and be ready to start at the scheduled practice time which includes having shoes on and ready to go.  If you are going to be late or miss a practice, always let your head coach know ASAP.




The following rules are taken from the TriCounty By-Laws;

ARTICLE VIII  Competition

A.   Scheduled Games

1. The TriCounty Fastpitch League will schedule 18U, 14U and 10U games on Tuesday and Thursdays.  These games may be rescheduled by mutual agreement of the respective coaches.

2. The TriCounty Fastpitch League will schedule 16U, 12U and 8U games on Monday and Wednesdays.  These games may be rescheduled by mutual agreement of the respective coaches.

3. Double header games (all levels) will begin at 6:00PM unless another starting time has been agreed on by both teams.  Double header games shall be seven (7) innings.  No new inning shall begin after 65 minutes of play following the first pitch.  Single games shall be (7) innings, no new inning shall begin after 90 minutes of play. Games must be a minimum of 3 innings, or 2 ½ innings if home team is ahead. NOTE – 8U plays SINGLE league games in the early season and a couple double headers later in the season. 



When are games played?
Regular season games are double headers and are scheduled 2 nights per week. Games start at 6 pm. Pre-game practices starts 1-hour prior to all games.


Where do we play games?
Because this is a traveling league, there will be travel outside of District 196.  Depending on the teams that are played and the tournaments selected by each team, the distances will vary. 


Who do we play games with?
You can find team information for your team bracket at:

You will play league games with teams in your bracket. 


What if I’m not playing an inning… where am I?
All players are required to stay in the dugout and/or on the bench during the entire game.  Players sitting during an inning should be up on the fence cheering for their teammates.  No player leaves the bench to sit with family members, visit friends or eat.  Game time = learning time! 


What if I can’t get to the game ----
How can I get my child there?

Please let your coach know your child needs a ride when you have a conflict.  Many parents are willing to pick up extra kids and get them to the game.  We need our players at the games on time.  Rides are easy to organize, playing short players is not. 


What do players bring to regular games?
Personal equipment and plenty of water.  A water cooler is best for most games.

Snacks – snacks are allowed on the short break between games. Snacks should be healthy, like fresh fruit on hot days.  No junk food.  There will be NO eating of food or meals during any games.  Everyone’s eyes need to be on the game and on the ball.  

What else should parents bring to games?
Bring something soft to sit on and/or a chair, sunscreen, water and don’t forget your cameras.  Bring your cheering voice and a positive attitude for ALL players.  We are a team! 




How many tournaments do we play in?

8U – 2 weekend tournaments and the State Tournament for a total of 3.

10U/12U - Most Traveling teams will play in 3 weekend tournaments, plus the State Qualifiers and the State Tournament for a total of 5.  Teams that qualify with a high place tournament finish, may also earn a berth to play in the National Tournament in July. National tournaments typically run Thursday-Sunday.  


What do we bring to tournaments?
Bring all the above; plus additional snacks and water.  We never know if it will be a 3 game day or a 2 day event. 

Don’t forget the sunscreen, easy-up canopies and your portable chairs.  Bring money to support local concessions.  All funds raised at these tournaments benefit the local fastpitch programs.


Easy-Up Canopies or Tents
If possible, bring a canopy to each tournament to keep the sun at bay near the bleachers, provide shade between games and sometimes to keep the rain off!  Thanks to all parents who lug these items around.


Safety at Tournaments – Keep valuables out of sight
Just an extra note – when at any games/tournaments, please make sure valuables are left at home and/or stored out of sight in your vehicles.  If you choose to put something in your trunk (like purses), please do so BEFORE you arrive in any parking lot.  Safety always comes first.

Always park legally – watch for signs
We don’t want anyone getting towed.  To avoid parking issues, please read the signs and don’t park anywhere you shouldn’t.




Are there any other fees incurred?

  • State Tournament:  these fees are included. Participation in the State Tournament is expected as a part of participation in a travel fastpitch league. 
  • National Tournaments:  Neither the registration fee ($500-$550 per team), nor the Gate Fee (typically $200 per team) for the National Tournament are included in the Eagan Fastpitch Registration Fee. Therefore they are paid for by player families. There are also gift exchange and pin-trading costs. Gift exchanges are required as part of the first National game played.  Participation in a National Tournament is completely optional and voluntary. 
  • NOTE:  If a team EARNS a National berth, EFP will cover the entry fee for the National tournament.  We do NOT cover gate fees.  

** For more information on End of Season Tournaments – see our website tab for “Tournaments”  


Traveling expenses:  any expenses incurred for traveling to games, practices, tournaments, etc. are paid by player families.