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We couldn't do it without our Volunteers~

Thanks for all you do!

Team Manager Responsibilities

The team manager handles all administrative tasks and acts as a liaison for the team.  These tasks may include some or all of the following: 
  1. Coordinate the beginning of the year parent meeting. 
  2. ​Collect and maintain team funds. (if applicable).
  3. Maintain the team folder including copies of player birth certificates, photos, team roster and CDC certificates. This folder is returned to EFP (along with equipment) at the end of the season.
  4. Obtain parent signatures for all tournament rosters.
  5. Manage the distribution of uniforms.
  6. Establish group messaging to communicate with parents & players.
  7. Coordinate volunteer activities and assist with parent volunteering communications.
  8. Distribute team pictures. 
  9. Coordinate hotels & plan team social events for out-of-town tournaments (when needed). 
  10. Coordinate ordering and distribution of pins for Nationals (if applicable).
  11. Maintain and update the team’s individual web site (practice schedules, team photo, game scores). 
  12. Maintain a list of emails for team coaches and parents.
  13. Forward all communication sent via email to team. 
  14. Other activities as needed by the coaches. 

Coaches and Team Parent Website Manual

Coaches and team parents who have access to edit their team pages can use this online resource to help edit their pages, add photos, or events and make their pages unique.